Privacy Policy

What kind of data we gather?
When someone registers with our company by visiting our website, fill out a form or a survey, or place an order through our site, we gather the information provided by these visitors.
While placing an order or undergoing registration process, you need to fill the details like your name, phone number, credit card information, mailing address, and email address.
Other than this, when you visit our website, cookies are formed, which gives us the details about the machine you have been using to access our web page. Google uses these cookies that collect the information of our website users.

How do we use the information?
All the information we gather from our users can be utilized in a below-mentioned manner:

• For various transactions you do
• To provide you the better and personalized services
• For the betterment of our site by to improve the services provided by us with the help of your feedback
• To provide you quality customer support services and to serve you efficiently as per your requirements
• To send you the information about our company, services, and updates through emails
Note: Any information we receive from you whether private or public is safe with us. We do not sell any of the client information to any third party, transfer or exchange it. This information is strictly used for the official purpose (e.g. to deliver you the ordered product).

What is the use of cookies for us?

With the help of cookies, we recognize your information and services you have ordered using the shopping cart. We secure this information for the future reference and the user’s actions on our website to make us aware about the visitor’s likings for the improvements of our site.
Do we use your personal information and reveal it to any other party?
We do not transfer, trade or publish your personal data to any of the company. Your information is secure with us, and we have data protection rights and website policies to safeguard your information as much as possible. Our company abides by the law, and we comply with the regulations strictly.
However, this information may be used for the purpose of advertising and marketing.

Any Third Party Involvement:

We have many associates as the third party who assists us to provide you with better services. We do not have any accountability for these parties as they are separate identities and have their own set of policies. Cost of the website is incurred with the use of Facebook Instant Articles by the Owner.

Who will handled the Policy?

We have appointed data officer in the who can be contacted at [email protected], or you can contact our main office.